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Welcome to Premier Courier

Premier Courier provides On-Demand same day delivery services as well as scheduled deliveries. Many companies trust Premier Courier to deliver their commodities including: documents, medical supplies and equipment, parts, office supplies, legal documents, bank slips and innumerable other items. Our broad fleet of cars, trucks, vans and dock trucks provide quick and easily accessible service.

Choosing the right type of courier for your business:

No matter the size of your business, you more than likely have packages or freight that need to be delivered somewhere.

Do you have freight or packages?

Call us to compare to the national next day carrier rate.

How much freight do you have?

It can be hard to know sometimes what size of truck you need or if you even need a truck! At Premier Courier we can help you figure that out.

When does your freight/package need to be at its destination?

On-Demand, Same day or Next day delivery.

What kind of freight/package do you need delivered?

Some items are considered Specialty deliveries–Flowers, medical supplies, legal deliveries and hazardous materials. You will want to use a courier that knows how to deliver these parcels appropriately.

Does the courier present the appearance you would like for your business?

The courier should be uniformly dressed to represent your business, wearing an identification badge for security purposes and have the appropriate equipment.